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Once you type in “essay writing service” on a search engine, the first thing you will see is an entire list of services, with no ways of differentiating one from the other. This is why we made a review for each of those websites so that you will know who to actually trust with your future.

Superior Papers has been alive in the business for more than 15 years, according to what they tell us on their front page. In order to provide you with an accurate description, we took apart the components of the website (figuratively speaking) and read various customer reviews. We also ordered our own research paper to test their efficiency with our own eyes. These are our findings:

What They Have for Us is like your average essay writing service, but not quite so. Yes, it does have the classical essay writing that goes from basic high school paper to complex dissertation writing, but they also offer a wide range of other services. You can find editing services, coursework assignments and also take multiple-choice tests.

Graduates may be interested in the fact that Superior Papers offers dissertation and thesis writing, by section or complete, depending on your requirements.

Money, Money, Money
Prices on SuperiorPapers are rather elevated if you compare them with other services. A paper written by them will range from $19.99 per page (high school) to $34.99 per page (graduate). The research paper we ordered from them had 8 pages and a 7-day deadline, which cost us $159.92. However, we also received a newcomer discount of 20%, which brought the price to a total of $138.92.

There are more discounts to be received – however, we are still not clear about the procedure. They exist – but there is no structure to them. When we asked, we were told that these discounts or a promo code would appear in our accounts once they become available. Coupon codes are only available for those holding a membership which will get them life-long discounts.

The Quality of the Writing
In order to make an analysis of the writing we received, we first had to go to the core of it: the writers. We tried to find background information about them, but unfortunately, the website does not reveal anything to us. All we have is the promise that they have graduated from prestigious universities with MAs and PhDs, but with nothing to attest to their claim. Thus, the quality of the writing and the experience of the writer had to come from the samples and orders themselves.

Upon analyzing the samples, we noticed that they weren’t organized really well. The language was alright, but the resources they used weren’t recent at all (we found ones that were 10-11 years old). We experienced the same issues with our own order.

Overall, we grant the rating “Fair” along with the statement that it is not fraud or scam. It is safe to use, and the papers will still probably get you a decent grade.

SuperiorPapers Review